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Hi friends,
My bot is totally ready. But new requests coming in as to build email alerts and logging in the bot to alert on failures, success and all transactions. Any suggestions, I’m totally new on this. Thank you.

So your tasks is to add email alerts to someone for your process to provide updates on whether it was successful or not and if not provide error message?

yes, you are right :slight_smile:

Are you using the ReFramework?

So what you can have is a global variable which can store your email from / to.

After completing a transaction successfully you can send the email using send outlook mail, where your subject and body will have some information around the transaction (depending on what they want the successful email to say)

If there is a failure you need to capture the error message to a variable which can then be used in the body.

You will the place the send outlook mail activities at points throughout your work flow to send the relevant email if it was a success or failure.

I’m not using ReFramework. Besides this , is there any way ? Thank you

So the below outline should be what you are trying to achieve.

Do Some Process - 
   Completed Work?
     True - Send Email - Subject - Success / Body - Transaction details
     False - Send Email - Subject - Failed / Body - Error Message captured from where process fell over

If you build out the workflow yourself and are still stuck, you can share the image of the workflow and I will assist :slight_smile:

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Thank you for offering help :slight_smile:
I am having issue on how to insert those alert in my bot as there is many tasks in the sequences . Shall I insert all the alert in every sequence. What activities shall i use for such alert? Thank you.

Hi ,
Please try sending all your bot transactions as queue items to UiPath Orchestrator and from there based on the status of the queue item(sucess,failure etc.) you can trigger a bot to send email alerts to required stakeholders.

I would consider putting all your sequences inside their own try catch, this way if a seqeunce fails you can catch it and then do an action, after each seqeuecne you could use a boolean decision to say if it has passed the component continue other wise go to a send Email activity.
Example below:

Try Catch
   SR Data Scraping
       Do Something
       Set Boolean to True
       Log Exception.Message
       Set Boolean to False
Workflow Decision
   If True
    Continue to Next Try Catch (Sequence)
     Send Error Email

At the end of your workflow - you can also send an email after that last decision to state it was succssful.

Which are you using then?

i think I will try TimK suggestion as I not familiar with the orchestrator queue.

Thank you, will make a try.

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Hope to know more on Orchestrator queue . I have no idea how queue works. Thank you.

I really got issue to start the errror handling . Going to start on the data scrapping sequence but got stuck . Please give (402.7 KB) ur helping hands pls.

I alot of doubts :slight_smile:
a) How to handle cannot find the url ?
b) Data scrapping fail?
c) How to throw with proper error msg
d) How to email …and etc.

Thank you.


Firstly I would recommend looking at Exception Handling Course as that will help you alot with understanding how to build a process with exception handling in and throwing correct errors.

a) in the Catches section - you need to add a log message - then use exception.message to return the error message provided by the Try section.

d) Sending an email will just be using the send outlook message activity.

for the tes of your questions - i would recommned the training course suggested.

Thank you for your recommedation.
Do you hav any idea to get the english version :slight_smile:

Possible to help to work at my sample project ? at least I can roughly know what to do after the course.

Thank you.

i found the English version ones :slight_smile:

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i have read thru this Error and exception handling but still no idea how to do so . Possible to show me some examples. Thank you.

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