How to select upload in Browser

Hi all,
How can i select the upload icon if I know the name in the table?
Any idea?


  1. Use Data Scraping to scrape the data from the application.

  2. And then loop one by one row and check against the name. If it is matching then click on corresponding Upload button.

Note: Compare upload button selectors for two different rows and you may find unique identifier in attribute the value to identify it.

Hi Mr. Lakshman,
the thing is in Collumn-7 ar both button (upload and delete).
I can select the right row but don’t know how to select the upload icon. And do you it with an “Click” Action? May you are so kind and can explain it to me this step?
Thank You


Use Click activity and indicate upload button first and second row and share screenshot of the selector here.

I got it. I allready know that I have to change the value of “tableRow”.
I got the right row as string to in a variable but i don’t know how to change it.
I allready mark the value and right mouse click choose variable but it dont validate.


you can use data scraping and then use an anchor base activity


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For some reason i can’t change the value of tableRow


Is parentid attribute value same for both Upload and Delete button ?

Yes it is. I dont know why if i change the tableRow like value 4 to 5 its work but if i want to make it dynamic with variables it not work.


Remove css attribute also from selector.

You mean if you are passing variable into the selector then it’s showing invalid selector ?

If yes then leave the selector status. Just run the bot and see whether it’s working fine or not.

Yes it’s just invalid. I’ve put the rowIndex in show message and the value was correct. If i just put the value in tableRow directly like ‘4’ it just work fine. But If I put in rowIndex the bot just stop a step before and don’t click anything.


Did you initialize rowIndex variable ?

Yes, this is the message befor i run the click activity. The type is String.
Screenshot 2022-04-21 185650


Can you print the full selector value also using Message Box activity and share me the screenshot of it.

I hope here the issue is you have declared a string variable and tableRow will allow only number. Can you try to initialize variable as Int and try.

I’ve try it already but it still invalid.
Thank you.

The below video can help you to solve the issue if it is some kind of dynamic selector issue.

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Hi @LeTH23 ,

Try using a Default value for the rowIndex variable and Check if the Element gets Highlighted.

If it still doesn’t get highlighted, I do think there is a Problem with your Top Level Selector, it doesn’t contain the app attrbute.

Maybe also add the app attribute to the selector and Check :


If you’re using other browser than chrome, then you can change accordingly.

@LeTH23 Did you try with Anchors.It will find the anchor (ref element) first and perform the actions on the real element that you want to perform

Ex: In your case you are already know the name in the table, first enter that name and make the bot to identify it first then take click activity to click on upload button

Ref below doc