Clicking in diferent download butons

I’m trying to download several files from a webpage datatable. I take the table with a Data Scrapping activity, and then with a For Each Row bucle iterate in a workflow that clicks in the dirent butons.
The problem is always click the download buton of the first file.
How can i fix it?

If you find out the selector of the download button your can find the row=1, colum=4 in the selector.
if you make it a variable as i and j then row=‘i’ and colum = 4 (fixed) and you can iterate in a loop and increment your selector and post that select into a click activity.

that will click each download button.

hope my inputs are useful

That’s the quetion. Last day I found a pattern in the button selector. So, my question is ¿What’s the sintaxis to put a variable into a selector?

P.D: How can I introduce a wildcard (*) in the variable (or with the variable) wich will be interpreted by selector?

Hi @sermuolo

Like that:
"<webctrl tag='" + yourVariable + "' />"

But make sure to copy paste it into the field here without opening the selector window:

For a wildcard, you can replace any string between the signs '' by either ? or *. The former will stand for 1 character, the latter for any number of characters.
However, in your situations you should use a variable.

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Finally I have use variable into a selector but not in the name, is better playing with columns and row position.

Thanks to everyone.

That is correct approach… because that is dynamic… always our design should be dynamic…