Need to click on dynamic file name

Hi All,

I am working on automation of web browser in which i have to right click on file name dynamically, i tried to edit selector by passing variable inside it but its not working and click each time on the same file name which i had select first time in click activity.
Please find the below screenshot and edited selector.MicrosoftTeams-image

Edited selectors that i have used till now.


Hi @shekharhimanshu627

Try using data scraping since it a structured and Click based on the table row or tablecolumn attributes or Idx !

Refer the thread below!


@pravin_calvin Provided solution is not working in my case. My task is to upload word doc in link(mentioned in earlier screenshot) and then click on uploaded doc. Uploaded file name can be different each time and i have to click on that same uploaded document.

Hi @shekharhimanshu627

If i am right you re fetching the document from one folder and uploading the the files into web site on Clicking the link!

I have a question on what criteria you re clicking the link and uploading a file whether its file name that equals or what basis?


@pravin_calvin Let me explain you the exact scenario-
I have a url link on which i am uploading word doc that is saved on desktop, the path where i am uploading the same file contains different word doc now i have to right click on current uploaded document to proceed further.


HI @shekharhimanshu627,

I can see multiple rows with the same file name. Which row/filename do you actually wanna click?

File name would change but will it always be on same position on web page?

And your requirement is to click on filename at a given position everytime no matter the filename or you want to click on a particular filename no matter its position?

Could you please share these details to help me understand better?


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there might be an option to sort that based on the uploaded time check that and always pic the first file based on the row index or using anchor base

Hi @sonaliaggarwal47,

No, file position is not static/fixed. I have to click on the basis of file name only and one more thing file name can be with different or same name.

Hi @shekharhimanshu627,

In that case, please go to uiexplorer, indicate element and show us the screenshot of uiexplorer.

Few things that can be tried:

  1. Check for different rows the selector and identify what attribute values are remaining as static and what are changing?
    This will help identify the relations between different selectors of different rows.

  2. Secondly, there would be some attribute like aaname or inner-text that would contain file name. Locating that can help select the right file when passed file name as variable.

  3. Also please show us the screenshot of your current selector.


Hi @sonaliaggarwal47,

Thanx for your time.

I tried to edit selector by passing variables but while executing bot is clicking on by default selected file name. Please find below required details.

Current selector screen shot:

Edited selector where ‘AttachmentName’ is variable name:


Hi @shekharhimanshu627 ,

Thank you for sharing screenshots.

Could you please do below changes to your selector?

  1. Just include aaname, inner-text, tableCol, colName

  2. And remove rest of the additional attributes

  3. When parameterizing aaname and inner-text, use syntax like below(use + instead of &)
    ‘ “ +var name+ “ ‘

Once done, please also share the selector screenshot from uipath studio.


Hi @sonaliaggarwal47,

Provided solution is working fine but not in each condition. I found a new solution for the same by use right click button just after uploading document.

Thanx for your time.


Hi @shekharhimanshu627,

Have you been able to identify condition when it didn’t seem working?

Other way by using right click - is it working fine in all cases?


Yes, using right click just after uploading form is working fine in each case.

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