How to choose row for click in web?

I want click export in row as file name = EDC01102_D*******.txt

Please guide me about it.

Please share the screenshot of the UiExplorer after indicating the element you want to select



Have you tried Anchor Base?

Hi @fairymemay
as told by @kumar.varun2 u can try anchor base

Another way is using CSS Selectors approach directly it would be faster too as well

@kumar.varun2 Right?

yes , but u had to make the selector variable under find element so that it would be dynamic around

remove tableRow from this selector and search for innertext or aaname. Use it to take values as variable. Use the flename string as variable value.

@kumar.varun2 If I want add condition as below.
Click export row as file name = EDC01102_D*******.txt and update = today

Please guide me about it.

Indicate the export icon and see what is the value of rowName Attribute.

@kumar.varun2 Indicate icon export detail as below.


is file name unique or there can be duplicate file names?

@kumar.varun2 file name as EDC0102_DNL31012__.txt as below.

But I want to choose row update today.

are you able to select the whole row with indicate element?

@kumar.varun2 Use click activity for indicate element for whole row right ?


@kumar.varun2 yes, it can indicate whole row.


What is the inner text, aaname and other attributes of whole row?



uset get attribute activity for whole row and select the innertext attribute from the list and save it in a variable. print the variable share the text.