How to select the paragraph in pdf?

hey guys,
i wonder if there is any way to select the text in the pdf?
I have texts in excel and i will copy that word and find the text in the pdf.actually i automated till getting text and finding text using send hotkey [ctrl + F] but the problem is that text is greater than 256 characters so i cant able to find the text in pdf .please let me know any way to select text/paragraphs in the pdf.

Hi @check_account

You can Read the Text of the pdf using the Read PDF Text Activity and store it in a string variable.

This activity is available inside the UiPath.PDF.Activities Package


Simply provide the file path of the pdf as input to the activity and create a string type variable to store the text of the pdf

Then, you can use the Regular Expression to match the particular string the whole text. If the text is present you can get the match else no match will be returned

Please go through this post to understand about regex

hi dude,
yeah by using read pdf and regex i can match text, but the problem is that i want to select that text in pdf but the find field has text limitation thats why i cant able to select the text/paragraph

Have you tried using CV activities, CV Get Text in CV Screen Scope?


We can get the paragraph data using screen scraping. Choose the method as - OCR



yeah i am getting text from excel and then search it in pdf using ctrl + f in the pdf.But its failed to search text greater than 256 characters!!!

yeah its sound good but i want to select the text in the pdf…:slight_smile:


What do you mean by select text?

Do you wants to highlight it?

If Yes, We have another approach…

Do let me know


not highlight the text but select the text like control+f function do.


CTRL+F will opens the Find dialogue box… Whichever we enter the text in that dialogue box… that will be highlighted…

So, We need to select the text…

Yes, We can able to do that with the CTRL+F And typeinto to search for the particular text…


yeah, but there is problem to use that.because it does have character limit.