Click and Drag

Is there a way to click and select a text area?
I have a requirement to select an area of text from a PDF file.
And the screen scraping method doesn’t seem to work.

The data I need is always in the same area of the PDF but it is not available as a separate area in UI Explorer. It’s a report generated by a piece of equipment and I can’t change the layout.

@FunkyBunch - What do you do after you select the text? If the data is in the same place in the PDF, can you not just use the ‘Read PDF Text’ activity and search for this text (based on what comes before and after the text)?

I split the string into multiple parts.
But no I can’t use that as the start and end parts of the string that I would need to remove are duplicated elsewhere in the document.
EG-The text I want is between “Parameter” and “-in” but that combination occurs 150 times in the report and there is no other unique text that I can use to split the string into the requisite parts.
I only want one specific section.

I can do it in other automation programs, but UIPath is way easier to use for most things.

Read PDF text activity will hep you in this…please try

Hey Mark,

try these below steps:
1>use Read pdf activity, you will get a string
2> Use Resex, and find that text by specifying two anchor texts(the text must need to be constant all the time)