How to select the date dynamically

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BOT needs to login to a portal and download some reports from the portal at the time of downloading BOT needs to click on the date dynamically (I meant that I need to download the report on daily basis).
Today I did it for 8 october 2021, I want do the same for everyday i.e 9 october 2021,november,december and so on please suggest me that how to resolve the same.

hi @HeartCatcher

Can you share the selector in which you have been selected today’s date ?


Please find

aaname = 6 is the date i guess?
in your selector

Selectors.txt (118 Bytes)

Yes correct

So, you can try there

aaname ="d")


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if I try this what if the month and the year goes change


I think It might be easier to input date string to text fields using TypeInto activity directly if it works, than click date on calendar. Can you try it?


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You have written the activities to change year and month right?

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getting error

Can you Run your code once and check once?

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It is working fine for the current month but not for next or previous month.

I am not written can you guide me please.


Can you try with Set Text activity and the date value should be matched as per “08/10/2021” format

You can try as Now.ToString(“MM/dd/yyyy”)

Hope this may help you


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Dear Naveen,
Use TypeInto activity and set the date.
strDate =Now.ToString(“dd/MM/yyyy”)
Presentday =Now
If you want future or past dates ,Use AddMonths/days and so on (explore datetime functions)

Thanks and Regards,
Geetishree Rao

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If possible can you start
Share the website link?

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