Please help me to select date from calendar

when i go to select date box, calendar appears just over it, so i can’t type value in it. i have to select From calendar. i have a excel sheet to fill date in this page.

by default it shows current month but i have to select from 1 or 2 or 3 months earlier date (vary on case to case). please guide me, how can i automate this activity.
also error message appears as below

Hi @shriram_Verma,

since I can’t give you a direct solution without access to the application, here’s the general idea how to get it done:

First, you will have to get to the correct month in the calendar.
What I would do there is getting the number of clicks required on the left or the right arrow, by figuring out how much bigger or lower the desired Month is from the current month. As I can see in the picture, the arrows change both month and year at the same time, so this will make it easier.
Then when you know how many times you have to click on one of the arrows, add an If statement to decide on which arrow to click, then a For loop to click on the desired arrow the correct amount of times.
Then, when you are on the correct month (you can make a check if the text above the calander fits), you will use selectors, with variables in them, to select the correct day. So the exact day that you will click on will be a dynamic selector and you will put the value of the desired day in it. So that’s how you will click on the right day.

Hope this helps you out, and if you want more exact help, let me know :wink:

Hi @shriram_Verma

Check the link below it also select date from make my trip from the calendar too

Hope u would find it useful

How to insert date in date using picker textbox - #4 by NIVED_NAMBIAR

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thanks a lot for your valuable guidance.
i found another way, as the first box disappears behind the calendar but second box is visible.
i tried to type date manually and found its working. so i use type into activity for the second box. but first box is always hide behind calendar cause of position of calendar. i use two activity to go to the first box one is click on left or right element of the desire box then use send hot key (tab or shift tab). desired box active after send hot key activity. but don’t know how to type in a box without type into activity.