How to select range + copy + save with *.png

Dear RPA Developer,

I have the question how to select range + copy + save with *.png.

one as i try take screen short i think working but i need to know above can do it?


Do you mean want to select particular data from Excel file and saving it as image ?

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Hi @lakshman
Yes, correct.

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  1. use Start Process activity and pass excel file path to open the excel file.

  2. Then enter required range you want to select in the Excel file.

  3. And then use Take Screenshot activity to take screenshot and save it as .png format. Here, Take Screenshot activity output is equal to Print screen in keyboard.

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You can try with UiPath.Excel.Extensions.Activities as shown in the below image.


Hi @sarathi125
Can you share the variable type of get environment folders?
i use string but en error.

SaveExcelRangeAsImage.xaml (5.9 KB)


Check the attached xaml.

Hi @sarathi125
As i try. it’s work but i think a picture file resolution is low. However thank you so much for your sharing.

One i have apply and sharing solution
1.create macro in excel
2.writing VB code to capture screen
3.export to folder path
4.Working for me :smile:

Thanks again.

@sarathi125 , I was able to get this to work so thank you for providing! However, the “select range” that is apart of the excel extension does not have a question for sheet name. Is there a way for me to do this if I have an excel with multiple sheets?

Thank youfor the help!


Use Activate Sheet Activity in the same package.

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