How take a screenshot of a excel's selected part!

Hello guys,

I need take a screenshot of a excel’s selected part for create a report on the Word.
I try use the activity “Take Screenshot” but this activity take a screenshot of the full screen, and I need ONLY select part of excel.

Help-me please!

Hi @Mths_Teixeira
Use Excel Application Scope
and use Select Range and give the range values
and use save image activity

Ashwin S


Try like this, I have used UiPathTeam.Excel.Extensions.Activities

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@sarathi125 thank’s for answer!

I try download the Package "UiPathTeam.Excel.Extensions.Activities and I received this error:


Do you know how I can resolve it?

Hello @AshwinS2 thank’s for answer
I selected the range of cells that I want take a screenshot, but when I use the save image activity, I need a “image variable” but I don’t have this variable…



Check in the Manage Package whether all the four options are enabled or not. I am able to find it. Check one more time.


apparently everything is normal, but when I click save, that printscreen error appears above :confused:


The problem was in the proxy, I I could do it and it worked

Thank’ssssssssss Love u <3

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