How to select outlook account

I am trying to use Desktop Outlook activity to send an email but not able to select the outlook account in the dropdown list . Will it work with licensed outlook or any other way . Please help . Thanks


Ideally if outlook is configured and kept open …then in the dropdown you will see the accounts


Hi @Anil_G ,
I have kept it open but not working. I am using community version . The log has below message.
08:13:59.5009 => [ERROR] [UiPath.Studio] [8] Error: No license exist for this installation Exception: UiPath.Licensing.Library.Extended.Exceptions.NotLicensedException: No license exist for this installation
at UiPath.Licensing.Library.Extended.Implementation.OnlineLoader.UpdateAsync(IDictionary`2 userMetadata, ProxySettings proxySettings)


Is your outlook license expired?


For outlook this time I don’t have license.


Then it is evident that this error would be thrown. Renew the license and it should work


Hi @Ravindra_Kumar ,

Just to double check, is the case here that there isn’t an option for your account or is it disabled or somehow blocking from selecting it. I’ve also looped in @AlexCrijman to help here.


Hi @Raluca_Laic ,
I could see that the account selection option is disabled while using outlook but It works fine when I use gmail .

Thanks !!

Most probably, it is not working as your Outlook is not licensed.

We don’t promote using unlicensed products, and probably there is an API that is blocked due to the missing license.