UIPath is not recognizing "Print" in recording

My recording includes printing a webpage to a pdf and saving it to drive. UIPath is able to save the document but not able to hit print button.

Any suggestions?

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Kindly use a send hot key activity with hot key as ctrl + p like how we do usually to print a page
—now use click activity to click on the Print Button
And make sure that the Simulate Click is enabled in the property panel of click activity
Or if it’s not working we can use simple send hot key activity with key as TAB navigate across the Buttons and fields
—use n number of send hot key activity until it reaches the button we need and use a final Send hot key with key as ENTER to click on it
We can use computer vision activities to click on the print button (only if the element is not able to be chosen as a individual elements)

Hope this would help you
Cheers @deshpande.alok