How to select date from date picker?

I want to select date from date picker. Could you please help?datepicker

@DSM Can you use Type Into Activity and check if it is able to Type the date.

Date field is not can’t type it.

@DSM Ok. Can you set the Date manually, then use Get Attribute Actvity on the field where the date is entered. Then Open the Selector of Get Attribute using UiExplorer, if it’s not Validated, Indicate the field again and Send the Screenshot of UiExplorer.

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@DSM A Screenshot of the UiExplorer would be better :sweat_smile:

@DSM Ok. As you can see in the Selector, the Attribute aaname contains the Date Value, You can use Set Web Attribute and set the aaname attribute with your Date value, but the date should be in the same format as you can see in the aaname.

I suggest you to Copy the Selector of Get Attribute and paste the Selector in Set Web Attribute Activity. Delete Get Attribute Activity as you won’t be needing it.

Then Set as below Screenshot and Check if the Date is set to the specified date.

For Web Application Instead of aaname use innerHTML, innerText in Set Attribute Activity.

For Desktop Application Instead of aaname use Text in SetText.

Find the Exact Selector of Date Element, Where Date is setting.

I have used SetText activity and assign Text=“Friday, May 22, 2020” but still it’s not working.Is it because Date textbox is not editable and we can set the value in date field only using calender?

Thanks. Will try it when working with web applications.I’m currently using desktop application.

@DSM Didn’t setting up aaname work in Desktop Application ?

As mentioned by [quote=“Annakarthi7, post:9, topic:224797”]
For Desktop Application Instead of aaname use Text in SetText .

@DSM But in the Selector that you have Shown us, there is aaname :thinking:, It didnt work by using aaname ?

It didn’t work.Also, I came to know that SetWebAttribute activity is used for web applications and mine is desktop one.So,I have used SetText.

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@DSM My Bad :sweat_smile: , Sorry for Suggesting the wrong Activity, I was completely focused on aaname, did the Set Text activity work ?

No,SetText is also not working.

@DSM did you find any solution for this issue? I am having the same problem with a desktop app.