How to select all the items from table


I want to select all the items like FIRST NAME & LAST NAME from the table and click next

Can anyone suggest me how to select all the items

I will truly appreciate their efforts

Thanks in advance


You can use Table extraction if you are using a latest version or DataScrapping for this


How to select & Click all the items from the table?

Hi @rsr.chandu

  1. Use a “Find Element” or “Find Image” activity to locate the table on the screen. 2. Once you have located the table, you can use the appropriate activities (such as “Get Text” or “Get Attribute”) to extract the values from the desired columns, such as “FIRST NAME” and “LAST NAME”. These activities allow you to retrieve the text or attribute values from specific elements within the table.
  2. Store the extracted values in variables for further processing.
  3. Use a “Click” activity to click the “Next” button or any other relevant action based on your requirements.



Once you click on Table extraction / Data scrapping wizard, It will ask to indicate the element
Once you click on First Name, UiPath will identify it as table and ask your confirmation to extract all


did you try select multiple items activity ?

if not try this with values you want select


Hi @rsr.chandu

Extract the table by using Extract Datatable and store it in a Datatable variable. Use for each loop to iterate the every row in the datatable. Store each row values in a variable like
FirstName = Currentrow("First Name) and LastName = Currentrow(“Last Name”).
Give two click activities to click the every item. In click selectors pass the FirstName variable in attributes in one click selectors and LastName variable in the second click selectors.

It will works I already done a automation on this.

I hope it works.

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