How to scrape table that isn't recognized by tool?


I am trying to scrape table from these two websites, yet the scraping tool doesn’t recognize the table itself.

Here are the two URLs: - (I want the 2016 table so you must click on that first) - Table is on page

Any and all help is much appreciated.

Hello @AutomateWork,

Please check it below:
Main.xaml (13.6 KB)

The first table (2016 table) was possible to scrape by selecting the option:

The second one, I had to extract the columns individually by clicking No on the above pop up and I also started the extraction from the last column, somehow it didn’t work when I started extracting from the first column. In addition, I used Mozilla Firefox, but I presume it will work on any other browser if you follow the same logic.

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Thank you so much!


In webrowser :if data is in table format we scrape it using webscraping .

Desktop automation: how can we scrape or get the entire data which is in table .

can you guide how can we achive this…

Thanks in advance