How to extract table from not Downloaded PDF?

Hi… I need help. I’m automating an Payment Details and it has a window that pop up as file.aspx. I wanted to download it and turn it into a pdf file but it keeps on being corrupted. can I ask for help if it’s possible to extract the table? I used data scrapping and it’s not working. Please I need help…

Hy @Tammy1998,

Can you share the source you are trying to get data from so others can try themselves to scrape the data?!


hi @William_Blech_Sister,

i’m sorry I cannot share the file cause of some privacy issue. but here is the example screenshot. I omitted all the private information and left the table only.

I am trying to get the payment date and no. column.
and if it’s possible to get the year and month of the date so that I could put it in a condition that I only need the rows that will match the month and year i’m going to put in the condition. for example the rows that will match this month and year only

Hy @Tammy1998,

Have you tried both scrapping methods? Maybe one then can recognize it as a table.

sorry for the late reply. yes. i already tried both… and i was already losing hope.