How to scrape data from all the pages from Amazon

I have been trying to scrape data from Amazon or eBay and it works fine, just I expect the robot to scrape from all the pages all the data. However, it stops after some pages and it is highly inconvenient. Any ideas how to overcome this?

Hope you did click on next page button and increase the maxNumberOfResult as per the requirement.


Yes, obviously. It never extracts all the data. I cannot even recognize a pattern of what triggers to stop the extraction.

Could you please attach workflow.

Any workflow is the same: it does not scrape all the data pages. Can you please try and see it yourself?

Its works like charm.
Search key: mobile
Time taken:08:03 min
records scraped: 200 (maxNumberOfResult given as 200)
ebay.xlsx (15.1 KB)

Hi. Thank you for your answer. I need ALL the results, not 200. I think I was clear enough from the beginning.

You get all the 1300+ result if i recall correctly. It’s taking long time that’s why i restricted to 200 just to show you the result.

With all the respect, we are back to my initial question. It is not getting all the results, it stops without reason. This is what I am trying to find out.

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