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Hi. I am totally new to this RPA and learning how to data scrapping by uiPath

I have a situation where i need to extract data from ebay

(Start from page2)

i tried to get 200 results form pages
(already set MaxNumberOfRessults 200 and NextLinkSelector)

but when I run the Robot it start from page2 then will stop at page3…

show me get 96 results and output in consoles (48 results/per page)

this is my NextLinkSelectors:

webctrl css-selector=‘body>div>div>div>section>div>nav>a’ href=‘https://www.ebay.com/b/Laptops-Netbooks/175672/bn_1648276?_pgn=3’ parentid=‘w7-w1’ tag=‘A’

I am not sure what I’ve done wrongly.
Looking forward to your reply . thank you!

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Set MaxNumberOfResults to 0 and then try once.


thanks ur reply but its not worked…

I means if I want to get 200 results from ebay

Robot should be start from page2 ->page3->page4->page5 to collect results

but why stop at page3 and show only 96 results? I have set MaxNumberOfResults 200 already.

which one step I do wrong?

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Hi @tso1963172

While clicking on data scrapping clicking on the pages you are able to click on pages you will get popup saying spanning pages click on yes
redo data scrapping method

In selector you mentioned please try to use png= * instead of png=3 at the end…

I. E. webctrl css-selector=‘body>div>div>div>section>div>nav>a’ href=‘https://www.ebay.com/b/Laptops-Netbooks/175672/bn_1648276?_pgn=*’ parentid=‘w7-w1’ tag=‘A’

If above will not work try to remove href attribute from the selector

I. E. webctrl css-selector=‘body>div>div>div>section>div>nav>a’ parentid=‘w7-w1’ tag=‘A’

This might work


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@AshwinS2 hi I have click Yes and set NextPage button but maybe nextlinkSelector wrongly so can not work properly.

@Ajju hi thanks ur reply

I tried ur two methods but also not worked…

method1: its will scrapping date between page2 and page3 until
get 200 results.

method2: its will scrapping date at page2 and get “0” results.

I think the problem is I didnt select the correct CSS.

I need to select second tag which parentid=‘w7-w1’
(href="…png=4" that one)

hello @tso1963172

i try to extract the data and i found the issue, issue as blow

for the first page web element selector (for laptop name only) as below


for the second page

from above i can say that selector are not same in the both page
to make the selector general for all the page i just edited as below

this will work try it.

webscrapingtest.xaml (7.5 KB)


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@Ajju thank you! its very helpful!