Example of Using Data Scraping (Amazon)

As I wish to do screen scraping I decided to start with the ‘Example of Data scraping’ (i.e. Amazon) on the page.

From the item numbers on the Amazon “Vollyball ball” page I can see that my Robot is whizzing through the pages but each time it stops at “305 - 306”

The only entry in the Log shows: “DataScraping execution started”.

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what is the issue.? were you able to see data in preview table.?

I’ve run it a number of times, mostly it doesn’t finish and I have to abort it a long time after it’s started. Once it delivered a spreadsheet with data, a couple of times an empty spreadsheet, mostly it doesn’t produce a spreadsheet.

Can you please share your workflow here.

Hi Madhavi.
I’m using the workflow downloaded from the example page to understand how it works and as a baseline. Should I reload it?


Hi @RobertSprigge

Make sure that you have an Internet Explorer open before you execute the example. You should also navigate to amazon.com and search for the string that is indicated in the example.
This comes from the fact that the first activity in the workflow is actually Attach Browser and the selector used to attach it to the browser is pointing directly to the amazon page with the search results from the example :slight_smile: