How to Scrap web data for a multiple page

In read range excel read where is company name then go to url stock market & search comapany name and scrap the company details it is for multiple company then how i do scrapping for multiple companies
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This is code for scrapping but not working

Hi @Nikhil_Patil1

Give a try with Extract Table Data Activity


Hi @Nikhil_Patil1

you can try using the Table scraping button at the top ribbon on Studio, and when you’re in the wizard there’s a button to identify the next button select that and you can select the uiElement which would take you to the next page.

Hope it helps!

first i read excel where is company name and in type into pass variable of the company name when in search bar enter company name then company info page is open then how i do scrapping for multiple company pages info

If the selector for companyinfo is always the same, you would be able to scrape the details out of the webpage.
You would have to use get text activity and use add data row activity to pass data into a datatable.

In the start of the workflow you would have to use a Build Data Table activity create a dataCompany:
You would have to create 2 columns:
CompanyName, CompanyInfo (or the required number of columns you need.)
Once you enter CompanyName in search and open the company page
use get text to get the company info store it in a variable called CompanyInfo

Then use Add DataRow with Array as {CompanyName,CompanyInfo) into dataCompany.


company info selector is dynamic

So you have to make your companyinfo selector dynamic using UIExplorer and wildcards or variables.

If its taking to different web address for each company, that might not be possible.