Data scrapping from multiple pages

I want to scrap data from multiple pages from this site:

I want to get the company name and email address and put them into Excel. However to get that, the ‘SEND EMAIL’ link needs to be clicked which will open another page. Then the ‘SHOW EMAIL ADDRESS’ button needs to be clicked again to reveal the address. After scrapping that info, it should go back to the main page and continue down the list and pages.

How should I do this? I’m rather new to UiPath so I will need step-by-step instructions.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Nicholas_Lim, have you completed all the UiPath tutorial videos in UiPath Academy?
Those videos will provide all you need to complete your use case.


Hi @VanithaRajakumar, yes I did. There is a video showing how to scrape data directly from a page but not info that are a few clicks away and then going back to the original page to continue. I know it’s probably a very simple thing but I’m not sure how to address that portion.