Unable to Scrap whole data from web site


I am usind data scrapping technique to fetch data from web site.
i am able to fetch data till 120 products and after that it is not fetching data. while i still have “next” button active

attaching the xaml file for the same.

send_test.xaml (12.5 KB)


samsung data is around 480
but it only fetches 119 data , it still have next button in active state

@Abhinavpandey Have You Clicked ‘Yes’ when ‘Does Data Spans Multiple Pages’ Dialog box appears when you data scrape? And did you indicate the ‘Next’ Button?


Provide “0” in MaxNumberOfResults In Extract Structured Data activity.

MaxNumberOfResults - The maximum number of results to be extracted. If the value is 0 all the identified elements are added to the output. The default value is 100.



yes . done that

@Abhinavpandey If you specify 500, it’s just 500.If you specify 0 it will take upto the end of records

ya. thanks working fine now

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