How to Scrap a bootstrap data

Hi all I’m new to Uipath I want to extract a data from an HTML table but the page contains bootstrap header so data scrappy is not working while removing the bootstrap its working fine is there is any issue with Uipath and bootstrap… Thanks in advance

Is there any specific table that you are pointing to?

Just tested with this bootstrap table and i was able to get the data.

Rammohan B.

Make sure Chrome extension or any other browser extension is installed.
I tried to scrape and its working fine.
Main.xaml (6.9 KB)

Hi Thanks for your quick reply will try and let you know

Thanks for your reply the table contains real time data with php and bootstrap 3

Can you please attach some screenshot on the issue that you are seeing?

Rammohan B.

I’m not seeing an error message reg data scrappy once after completing scrappy no workflow is generated in my workflow. the spanning message box are also not displayed.