How to save, unsaved excel sheets with Uipath to a shared drive

Hi Guys,

I have an application which will generate a report (Excel sheet) everytime i click a button on the screen. Problem is this excel sheet is unsaved (no location to be found). Now i need to first save this Excel sheet into a shared drive for business functionality.

Can you guys help me in figuring this out?

Can you please explain a bit more ,
What I understood is:
1)if the user clicks a button on the screen
2)start report generation
3)save the report into a shared drive(network shared drive path)

so once you have generated the report, the report may be a datatable so write this datatable to an excel file using the “write range” activity
now in order to store this file into a “shared drive”, pass the required shared drive folder path along with the file name as input for the write range activity

such as
assign ->str_networkPath=“E:\myfolder”+“\”+filename.tostring

Hi @kl_kl ,

Thank you for your response.

The report data is already available on a temporary excel that gets generated by the tool.

The challenge is to now save that temporary excel file at a given location. As this excel sheet is a temporary sheet which is not saved at any location. I am facing challenges to first detect this excel sheet & do operations with it.

Everytime a excel sheet is generated from this tool, It’s name is Book1.xlsx


Is the need for saving the excel file into a shared location to use it in a different automation process or do you just need to save it to a local temp folder for use?

I’m not quite following what happens when the excel is generated, is a prompt given to ask where you want it to be saved or is there some other means of downloading it?


Once you have the excel sheet downloaded, you can always use Path Exists activity to check whether the location contains the sheet or not

Path Exists will return a Boolean value, False if not created, True If created, so according to that you can decide your further steps

Hope this may help you


hi @kcroland ,

purpose is to save this excel file to a local folder or shared drive anything is fine. the thing is the excel file that is coming out of application is an unsaved file (so no possible to get the exact location of that excel sheet), it’s just a temporary instance of excel with data from that application. how do i save it as i don’t know this temporary excel sheet location.

Hi @achyuth_sai,

I can’t think of any way to find the temp file to interact with it. It may be possible, I just don’t know it. However, as a workaround (at least for now) have you considered either attempting to send hotkeys (such as f12 to open save dialog) and then type into for file save location, or using data scraping to get it into a datatable and then writing it back out to the location you’d like? If the excel workbook always opens up as Book1, it may be possible to have a selector utilize that and use those activities.

@achyuth_sai This was my thought as well.

You could use the Use Application/Browser activity to select the instance of Excel and send the hotkeys Alt+F A O which would open the File tab, Save As, and Browse respectively. Then you can save it locally and do what you would like with it.

Hi @BenZee & @kcroland ,

Thank you for your inputs. Initially, i had the same ideas as you had to used the “Use Application” window & work with button on excel sheet. I even tried to build a VB script to save the file. Even VB wasn’t able to detect this instance of excel sheet. But then, i wanted to use that kind of when i run out of options.

After looking at your response, it looks like there isn’t any easy way to interact with the temp excel & save it.

I’ll go with attach window & selectors.

Thanks guys for your responses, i really appreciate it.