Deal with Unsaved workbook

I came across one scenario where there an attachment in web application when user click one listbox then new browser window pops-up and then the attachment gets opened (if its Excel then it use office 365 to get opened) If its pdf then at same browser window populate the pdf content.
I want to read the Excel which is right now unsaved and i don’t know the name as well. I tried with attaching a window and saving it in local machine but it is not full proof solution as some times its working and sometime not. Can anyone give a better way , I am trying to find out the solution i.e. If any excel is opened if yes then getObject(,Excel.Application) . get the object of workbook and then pass it on to uipath to save it in local drive. and use it for further processing.
Any help is much appreciated

Hi @manishsoni0407,
Which web browser are you using? Chrome for example by default is saving data and then you can open it. Usually if any web browser is opening file “before” download the actual fine is save somewhere anyway (temp folder or something).

IT’s IE11 and IE10

Check this path:

%userprofile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files

Here is the place where IE saves data when opening directly

As per organization policy it not accessible , any other way .