How to save the print attachment in chrome using uipath. Click activity is not working here and the send hotkey is not working i am attaching screenshort

Kindly reply me soon. Thanks.

Hi @Mozammil_Rizwan_Bista

Use Image click Activity

Select region u want to click…



@Shyam_Pragash thanks for the answer. it click on the save button but not saving the pdf to device. I mean if I manually click on save it open the another window and asking me where to save the file. but when bot click on save nothing happens.

Hi @Mozammil_Rizwan_Bista

First Click save button – use Delay for 3 Seconds and again use Delay 2 Seconds… finaly click Save Button.


give a try on using the simulateClick option from the click acitvity

@Shyam_Pragash still not working.

@ppr as per screenshort click activity is not detecting the popup of chrome.

A cross test was working for clicking the save button from Save as PDF PopUp

  • Change UiFramework to Active Accessibility
    OR Press F4 for changing when indicating

  • Click on the save button

It can be the case that the button will only deteced if there is an offset (more to left or to right). But we can also click on the popup and later correct the selector within UiExplorer

Speichern (German) = Save (English)

Enable simulateClick