What UiPath activity will recognize elements after Ctrl+p in Google chrome

Hello UiPath Experts, I am looking for small help.
When we perform Send Key activity Ctrl+P then google chrome will change into print mode.
On this Print mode page we have “Save”, “Cancel” , “Change” etc… elements available. On this print mode page what activity will recognize these objects. I tried several ways with all web and OCR activity but not working as i expected.

looking forward for workaround. Your inputs will be greatly appreciated in advance. :smile:

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@rkelchuri use click activity in on object you needs to use

Tried… not working! :slight_smile: Perhaps i am looking to verify object on this print page.

@rkelchuri which object you needs to print

I am not printing but i am going to save this page as PDF. but some times SendKey activity is failing. So, i wanted to put a check point to make sure SendKey was successful. To make check point i wanted to verify Save, cancel buttons on this print page as a checkpoint. if i am able to verify any object exits or available as a check point then i will create a loop and it will use SekKey until it get success. once object found on this print page then loop exit. Team thoughts are welcome on this.

This is know issue with chrome window.
However workaround would be click image activity.
I tried .It’s working as expected just make sure to remove the selector(activity not suppose to capture selector but it is :stuck_out_tongue: )

Hello, is there any update on this issue?

Yes, i found solutions for this and closed long back…

I created a check point on the save file window. If Save file window not found it will loop until it found.
So, if 1st time missed Ctrl+P then it will show in the 2nd iteration if not it will show in the 3rd iteration but robot never loose the grip on the flow until it appear.

This is how i managed and it’s 100% working fine with out any issues so for… :slight_smile:

Hi @rkelchuri, thank you for your response.

I am having problem to click Print button on Chrome modal (after sending Ctrl-P, the print modal showed up, then I need to click the Print button on it, but UiPath seems cannot recognize the button). I thought it was the same problem with yours, was I wrong?

Don’t try to click… just use Page title as a selector for Send Key activity and send “Enter” command.
It will work !


I see! Got it done, thank you!
PS. So it means, the issue is not resolved by now. Noted :wink:

I am having the same trouble but can’t figure out the solution from this thread. I want my BOT to change the destination to print to PDF and then save it to my computer. What are the correct steps once I get to the print screen in google chrome?

please share the .xaml file for refference .