I Have pdf invoice, after fetching all the data from the pdf I need to save that pdf to particular folder(processed) based on the credit,debit or tax, how do I achieve this, and this is not an image this is pdf invoice

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Yah of course that’s possible with MOVE FILE Activity
Where in the source mention the current file path and in destination mention the Path we need and if we want we can either set a file path new file name based on the criteria we want like credit, debit or tax

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how do I close the file after processing

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We can use either kill process or close application
I would suggest to go for kill process where in process name property mention the application file name without extension
—to get that we need to go to TASK MANAGER and look for the process name under process tab where we need to take the process name with out extension like for example for excel if it’s like EXCEL.exe then we need to consider only EXCEL and mention that in process name property of the kill process like this “EXCEL”

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for move files im getting exception like this

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this one looks incomplete

kindly paste the same in your file explorer - file search tab, it will let us know the issue
Check once the file path whether it is correct or not
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if I want to move multiple files means how han I do it for all the files

use a assign activity and get all the files you want to move in a array of filenames
out_filepath = Directory.GetFiles(“yourfolderpath”,"*.fileextenstion")
where out_filepath is a variable of type string array
–now use a for each loop and pass the above array variable as input and change the type argument as string in the property panel of for each loop
–now inside this loop use MOVE FILE activity and mention the source file as item and destination file with what name we want

Simple isn’t it
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it will move all all the files from folder ……but my process is after extracting the data from the each pdf file and move it to folder again it will open next pdf and read data and again move it to particular data

yourfolderpath means input folder name or output folder name

Inputfolder path

12/04/2018 how do I get the format like april,2018

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that date is dynamic…


make suret hat date_string though value is dynamic date format should be same to work on the above expression
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