How to save links attached in mail body

Hi all,

I stuck on one problem where I have to save the links from mail body, since link look a like attachments but Outlook save attachment activity not picking it. Please let me know how should I save it

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The screenshot doesn’t have any links but one document attached, if I’m not wrong

Can you show what are you referring to as “link”?

The attachment, image in body & signature → all these components are read as attachments while using outlook actin to read email

The hyperlinks are stored as text and you need to extract them suing string manipulation or regex

Hi Rahul,

I will explain my problem in detail, I have to select file from one drive when sending to any sender in that case link of that document on one drive will be attached and it look like in screenshot but when I tried to use save attachments it not identifying it as attachment, failing to save those link file. Thanks for response


Is the link sent along mail body or as a file in attachment

If it is sent along mail body then it is easier because you can just read the mail body as a string and get that link

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Hi Palaniyappan,

I am selecting that document from one drive so it is not directly coming as link when I select on that document type it will redirect me to one drive where document is located.

This is how file type is getting through save attachments

@Palaniyappan @rahulsharma


If it is from one drive then is there a chance to sync it with your local machine
Because usually one drives can be synced with the local drives

Then in that case you can easily get the file and access it with the folder path synced with your machine


On opening the file if it is redirecting to one drive inside a browser then try the same manual steps for saving the file from that link like hot keys with Ctrl+s to save and type into activity with the file path of your local machine