How to download Attachments from Outlook link and save attachments

Hello All,

Can Someone please help me to build the logic, how can I download data from Outlook email link which I’m receiving daily. I want to save attachments by clicking email Link.

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Hi @Niranjan_k

Use get outlook mail messages with html body checked in the properties …then read the url you need using split activities and then use open browser or use application to open url and save it

Or after getting url use download file to download the file from url directly if its open site


@Anil_G Thank you Anil, Could please share the workflow image. Im new to UIPath it helps me to build the workflow. Thank you.


Please check this on how to get emails and extract data.

Let me know if you need more details


@Anil_G Sure Anil, i will go thought the video, sorry for late message. im working in IST timings.

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