Downloading the link from the body of the e-mail

is there a way to download and save the link in the email to the desired location?

Hi @dvojinovic

Try using regex on the mail body.

Use mail body as input to the Matches activity,

use this expression:


You might be able to fetch it.


I did this part
and how do I download that file and save it?

You can use a HTTP Request activity (part of UiPath.WebAPI.Activities) and set the following:

  1. Request method → GET
  2. Request URL → The URL you got from the email
  3. Filename for response attachment → Path to the file on the PC where you would like to download it.

Hi @dvojinovic

If that file directly can download the file without clicking any where,

either you can go with the approach that’s given by .

or else if you want to go through with UI route.
Add an Use application/Browser and hit that url to get the save file pop up and save it on the respective path.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @dvojinovic

  1. Use “Get Outlook Mail Messages” to retrieve the email that contains the link.
  2. Once you have the email, you can use the “Matches” activity in UiPath to extract the link using a regex pattern.
  3. Once you have the match(es) from the regex, you can further process or manipulate the link as needed. For example, you might want to store it in a variable or save it to a specific location.


what address should be entered in the “end point”


You should enter the URL you got from the email - it’s the URL that leads to the file that you would liek to download.