How to save image on web page with Send Hotkey?

Hi I want to save image on web page. I clicked right button and click save image as. But after that when I use the Send Hotkey(for tab button) activity don’t worked. it presses tab on web page. How can I fix it ?

Hi @sufyant

Use Attach Window and based on that use click activity with right click and use send hot key as down and then press enter with send hot key and use type into to type the path

Ashwin S

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I am already using but dont working. I am getting error

once after clicking the right button with CLICK ACTIVITY use a SEND HOT KEY ACTIVITY with key as either up or down with no element chosen for selector and only the hot keys been mentioned
that would work for sure

Cheers @sufyant

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I am coming to the save screen. there is no problem. But when I open the this page, tab button dont worked

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i think i have misunderstood the query
i thought you were right clicking the button and choosing the option
but here it seems like you were clicking on save as button and not able to use send hotkey activity within this window

yah the same once after getting to this window use GET ACTIVE WINDOW activity and use SEND HOT KEY activity with key alone as tab and no element chosen for selector
that would work either

but may i know why we use tab here in this window
Cheers @sufyant

how ? I dont understand

in the attach window ?

once you click this SAVE AS window use GET ACTIVE WINDOW Activity
where in that activity use any activity like click or send hot key activity it will get executed in the window that lies in the foreground of the screen
as this save as window is now in foreground if we use GET ACTIVE WINDOW activity and if that include any activity that will be performed inside this save as window only

Cheers @sufyant

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but dont working

may i why we want to use TAB here

because I want change the path

For that while we mention the filename in the field

we can mention along with FULL PATH OF THE FOLDER AND ALSO THE FILENAME so that the file will get saved in that folder only, with normal click and type into activity
there would be no need of tab itself buddy


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Thank you buddy

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