How to save Attachements from archived mails in Outlook

Hello. I want to save the attachements from archived mails in Outlook. If I save the attachements with the “Save Attachements” activity, the Robot doesnt detect the attachement from the archived mails, because they are archived. Can anybody please help?

Hi @betuel-coban ,

Could you Please Check the Archive Folder Name, as well as Could you Specify what activities are being used?

I just tried Retrieving the Mails from Outlook Archive and I was able to save the Attachments present in it.

Maybe the Outlook Account being used is different in your case.

Thats the symbol in Outlook for archived mails.

The Outlook is a business account and I dont have a subfolder like “Archiv”. I can only see the attachments and the full mail when I double click on the mail.

I try it with the “Save Mail Message” Activity and “Save Attachements” Activity.

In both activities the attachments are not saved, probably because the e-mail is only fully loaded with a double click

@betuel-coban May I know how you are automating this process

I only used “mail attachements” as an activity with a path, but it doesn’t work with the archived mails. Maybe I could solve it with the activity “invoke code”?

@betuel-coban First bot has to read the emails without any UI interaction with outlook (Outlook should install in local) and then save the attachments in a folder. please go through the below video

I can save the attachements from the mails, but I can’t save the attachements from mails which are automatically archived by “Enterprise Vault”, because they are not displayed completely with the attachements.

I have to open the archived mail with a click on Enterprise Vault so that I can see the attachments.