Downloading attachments from the Draft Email (Outlook)

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I have a doubt regarding the issue that I will face in the development of my ongoing bot in the future.

I am going to use a third-party application to produce some docs, after producing document, it need to be sent via Email, but instead of sending, we have to copy paste the attachments from the Drafted Email.

How do I save attachment from the drafted mail (Outlook)? As save attachment activity can be used only on the already received mail or sent mail. (Correct me if I am wrong!)

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Vinit J

Hi vinit, even I have the same requirement, what do you think…is it possible to get attachments fro Draft or is save attachements activity is only for Inbox?

Hello Aakash,

Sounds like we are in the same boat!

Yes, even I have the same query regarding Save Attachment Activity, there is no such functionality to provide the Folder path of Mail folders.

Lets see what our expert say on this, till that we’ll try something from the mentioned mail activities and keep updating …

Thanks for sharing!

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Vinit J