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when saving emails using “SaveMailAttachments” activity, does not save the attachements.
Filter is “”

Hi @radu.spantu,
Can you please show us the example of the workflow with activities configuration?

Hello, @Pablito,

Sorry for my late response.
I’m ussing an office 365Scope as below:

This is set in InitState of the REFramework.
My transaction item is an Office365Message.
In ProcessState i’m checking to see if the email has any attachmeents, then if the attachment extension is among one that i am searching, i save it to a local folder.


The idea is that sometimes it saves even the .ico or some other attachments that i do not or i don’t have mapped into the config file.
I tried to add a filter as attachment.Name.toString which sometimes works great, but sometimes it does not save at all. The save is done on a local folder ( in the future it will be on a SharePoint folder ). When it does not save at all, the logs do not throw any error. The activity is ran just like everything is normal.

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Why make it that complicated? Get your emails and save them in a list, make sure to change the datatype of that list, iterate that list and use a save attachements activity, the first parameter is your mail(item of the iteration), the second is a string containing the directory where you want to save the attachements, if ti not exsists, it will be created

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Hello, @Daniel_D

Sorry for my late reply.
I will be using Office365 Activity as i don’t have the applications installed on the VM and i don’t want to handle office updates for applications and so on…

I think i will filter by the attachment name that i am getting initially would really limit this.

Will test this and get back to you with an’ asnwer.

Regarding the solution, i don’t have control over emails that arrive in the mailbox so i have to create a lot of validation within the workflow.

Hope it will work.