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Hi guys
I have built a Project in StudioX but i can’t seem to find out how to save my Excel file and then close it at the end.
Using the auto-save feature triples the time it takes to complete the automation.
I have tried the Click function but it won’t allow me to indicate Excel as the target.
Is there a way to manually save the Excel file and then close the file at the end of the process?
Being able to manually select in Excel will also solve a lot of other things too like sorting and clicking on the OK button when deleting a sheet.

Activate the excel file.
Send Hot Key activity → Ctrl + S (to save the file)
Send Hot Key Activity → Alt + F4 (to close the file)

Karthik Byggari

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Hi Karthik

Thanks for your response.
There is no way to do this in Excel using StudioX from what i can tell.
There is no Send Hotkey activity in StudioX and the Click activity does not allow you to indicate in Excel.
If there are any other solutions, please let me know.




Although I would suggest that you use the auto-save since this is done using the excel API , it is possible to use the application card to automate the saving and closing of a file :slight_smile:

Here’s an example :slight_smile: (72.6 KB)

Hi @gprobinson

Use click activity go to file then click save


Hi Gulshiyaa

As mentioned in the original post, StudioX does not allow you to indicate Excel using the click function from the Excel File Card.


Thanks for that.

I was hoping there was a way to save/exit using the Excel File Card but if we need to use a new Application Card for these steps then so be it.



You can use write range na


This solution only works in Excel 2016. In Excel 2010 the following error appears "Target element must be set


I´m in Studio 2019.12.0-beta.61. Does this version support excel 2010? Any solution for my excel version?


Anyone who is reading this post may look for the answer here: