How to run uipath flow without robot/orchestrator

Hi all

Now I want to know one thing,

  1. How to run the workflow without robot and orchestrator?
  2. How to get the robot activity list(or)logs?
  3. How to launch the workflow file in my client system without robot and orchestrator?

Please share your ideas…your involvement is much appreciated.


use UIPath studio to run the workflow.

Sorry,come again


We can run our workflow in 3 ways:

  1. UIPath studio
  2. UIPath Robot system tray
  3. Orchestrator

As you mentioned you don’t want to run it using 2 and 3 options. So, I suggested to run using UIPath studio.


In Your case you can UiPath studio to run the bot and for logs you can check the output pane in studio or you can go to execute tab and click on open logs there.

Without manual intervention.we need to run n number of times like scheduling concept


we need robot to do this. And without this, we can’t run process.

For scheduling you can use Task scheduler but we will suggest to use Orchestrator to run it and has lot of advantages.

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can someone please explain about this issue? to solve this issue?

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