Running robot in background and share with people

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I have a robot that runs perfectly but I can’t use my laptop while it’s running. It’s possible to set a “start” button and simultaneosly let the robot do their job and i can work on my machine, I mean, I don’t want to see the process. Also I want to share my robot with other people to run the same process and expect the same result.


Hi @Juramirez,

Whenever the robot is performing any actions, the hardware and all the resources ex: Mouse and Keyboard are being used by the Robot. Hence we should not expect to use the same resources to be available for the humans on the same screen. (It creates a deadlock situation)
The requirement you have is quite similar to Unattended Mode Robots using Orchestrator.

Using a virtual machine to run a robot and using Orchestrator to control and share the robot from one single control panel we have to go with Unattended Mode Robots.

Kindly go through the below link for more details:


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@Juramirez robot is not an application. in other words rpa can be defined as mimicking the human. we are just replacing human effort with a bot. bot will work as we were working on a machine.

expectation which you mentioned is similar to two people using same machine at a time for two different purposes/processes which is not possible.


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Thanks @pathrudu and @jibanjyoti for your answers, I’ll keep it in mind


If your robot uses external execution, ie moving the mouse, typing keys, or looking at elements or images on the screen then it’s not possible.

However, if it’s internal like executing tasks directly in the window or application object, then it is possible. This could be done through vb scripting or other languages (and yes even in websites). With UiPath, it most likely won’t work because it doesn’t look in the application as an object, like other languages would. For example, clicking a button uses a click action, which in contrast to vbs/vba you would use the object directly (ie.document.element("").click and so on).

So in summary, it’s definitely possible in other scripting platforms but UiPath will create challenges which is why using a dedicated machine with multiple users is the preferred method to deploy your robots.


Assuming Attended Robot, what if the user RDP’s into his own machine with different User (Domain\Robot) Instance and Runs the robot (or invokes the Robot via scheduler which runs on the Robot user instance), minimize screen and do his work on his user instance(Domain\User). This is possible case, correct?

True, you can use a different user with Remote access and run the robot on your own laptop. So that’s an option.


That’s what Simulate and WindowMessages are for. They were designed not only to be faster, but also as a more native way of interaction.
Only default methods actually collide with human user input as they emulate driver input (windows popping up notwithstanding).
Admittedly not all applications work with them and also its definitely not trivial to build non-intrusive FO robots, but the tools are there.

Uipath does look at applications as objects, or rather a structured ui tree. UiExplorer is built on that and couldnt exist without it.

True, but I think I mean it’s different and not in a good way.

This is just a small rant, but I do agree with you that the tools are there like you mentioned.
With the equivalent to CreateObject, simple things like creating an Excel object and accessing every Cell and its properties through that object could be possible (same with Terminal Session and other apps), but it is not. Why should other scripting languages be so much faster? Even using VB to access a website and input data into fields is faster and more reliable. UiPath just makes it easier to develop and maintain, which gives it the upperhand.

I don’t have any UiPath robots that I would feel comfortable running on the same logon session as I am currently and move the mouse and keyboard around while it is running. It could depend on the process too.


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