How to run multiple process on single robot at same time

Hi, I have created 2 process flow, I want to run both the process flow chart on single robot at the same time (Parallely).
Is it possible to do this in Uipath? If Yes how I can achieve this?

Thanks You!!!

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try the Parallel activity

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By running “Both process flows chart” - do you mean those two are different projects ? or in the same project ? . You can schedule a project to execute via Windows Scheduler … If you have 2 Projects you can schedule them in Windows Scheduler one after the other … in a fixed interval … say run process A every 10 mins , and Process B every 15 mins …

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Maybe the point is same time to run both.
I’ve try it and failed.

is it possible to run in the same Windows scheduler… if so what does windows scheduler mean… i mean how it wrks on… IDE ???