Starting 2 processes simultaniosly with community edition

Hi everybody,

is there a possibilty to run 2 processes simultaniosly?

I configuered 1 robot with two processes. One of these processes is the file change trigger activity, so the process runs the whole time and waiting for changes in a specific folder. With the other process I would like to download email attachments. But when I want to start process 2 after I startet process one the robot is busy.

I am new to UiPath and in my opinion I need to give the robot an unattended license to run processes simultaniosly with one user and one robot. Isn’t it right? Is it possible with the community edition in general?

Big thanks to you answers :slight_smile:

But I have a small query
May I know why both of them were not integrated into a single process as that would make it lore easier and work in sequence as well…
Fine if we want to run two process simultaneously
Then we can handle that with PARALLEL ACTIVITY
kindly refer this for more details

Hope this would help you and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @delNaglos

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@Palaniyappan thank you so much for the quick response. Yeah I had integrated them in one process but it didn’t work out. As a workaround only for testing the process I built 2 processes. But you’re right a single one makes much more sense in my case.

I will check out the Parallel activity and get back if it workks…or if not :wink: Thank you!

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Cheers @delNaglos

@Palaniyappan I would like to show you my workflow: If i put the file change trigger in the beginning it doesn’t come to download attachments because he is waiting for new files. If i put it in the end it doesn’t work because the change happens before the file change trigger is activated :smiley:

Do you have a solution for that?

Okay got it. Perfect :slight_smile:

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