Processes runing in parallel

Hi all,

One question regarding working with process in parallel,

I understand that one robot (either unattended or attended) can perform only one task at the same time?. I mean, imagine I want to run 2 processes at the same time, each of them last 1 hour. If I invoke both in parallel, with the parallel activity, they will run at the same time, BUT, to complete both processes will take 1+1=2 hours. Is it right?

So if i want to run n processes (of 1 hour) at the same time, If I wan them all to be finished in n*1=n hours. I will need n robots (Does not mind if they are front or back robots, and does not mind if i have orchestrator)?

Hello @alfernandez.

Both processes can run at the same time as long as they use background activities (you can ensure this by using the Simulate Type, Simulate Click and SendWindowsMessages properties) and will be both completed in 1 hour.

The key point while running processes in parallel is the usage of the hardware controls (mouse, keyboard). If you are using activities that use the hardware controls, even if you are running processes in parallel, only one of the robots can access the mouse or the keyboard at the time. That’s why using background activities plays an important role here.

simple example given here pls watch part 1 and part 2