How to call a published bot/workflow in community version

Hi Developers,

How to call a developed and published bot/workflow in UIPath Community edition.

Just a program/bot developed and published, need to call it from Command prompt so that the workflow in the bot does its work.

PS: We do not have orchestrator or Attended bot licence.

Thanks in advance.

Satish Chaladi

The command will be like below

Thanks, Hareesh.

We have like UiPathAgent is opening and all the published jobs are being displayed under that. But, the uipath agent/robot is showing as ‘Not Connected’. Still is it fine to run the above command to invoke the job?

Satish Chaladi

The above command is to run the workflow without using the orchestrator and here robot doesn’t need to be connected to the orchestrator.

If you have the robot provisioned in orchestrator and if it is connected to studio, then it will give you the status as Connected.

Try the above command and let me know that worked for you?

Sure, Hareesh. Will try today and keep you posted on this. Thanks for timely response.

Satish Chaladi

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Got the below message Hareesh:
C:>cd Users\lh046271sc\AppData\Local\UiPath\UiPath.Agent.exe -file "E:\UIPath\P


The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.


The path is directly copied still getting file/directory name incorrect error.

You don’t need cd here and one more thing is, you need to use the uipathrobot.exe file which will be located inside the app folder not the UiPath.agent file

Okay, let me give a try