How to run an unattended bot entirely on orchastrator

I’m learning uipath currently

I’m also a android app developer and i was thinking to link my app to a uipath bot

My basic idea is taking a Amazon product link from the user in my app

Passing the link to the bot which is in the orchestrator with a target amount

Then the bot will constantly checks price of the product n numbers of time everyday

If the price matches the traget amount or goes below the traget amount

I wil show a notification to the user in the app to check the product page for decrease in the product price

Now the question is how do I do that

First can i even run a bot just on orchastrator as orchastrator functioning like a server

If it’s possible

Then the second thing is there any api where i can connect the orchastrator to my app

You’re asking others to write your entire process for you. What you should do is complete the free training on the UiPath Academy web site, to understand how UiPath automations are created.

You’ll need to use the API to put an item into a queue which triggers a job, and that job checks the price. Then you’d have to design an API into your app to receive the alert back from the UiPath job.

“First can i even run a bot just on orchastrator as orchastrator functioning like a server”

No. Jobs don’t run on Orchestrator. They run on servers separate from Orchestrator. Orchestrator just initiates the Job on the other server. We call those other servers “bot hosts.”


Sorry my question looks like I’m asking the entire process , but i was just asking that it is possible or not , sorry for the question

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