Unattended Robot Pricing

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I have a question regarding the license for unnatended bots. Is it possible to the robot to work without orchestrator?

Why is the unnatended bot more expensive then the attended bot?

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kindly contact our SALES team on this

and for this

if its a attended bot like with human intervention we can run a robot without orchestrator
but if we want that to be unattended and run without human intervention then we will be in need of orchestrator

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Hi @FelipeGCastanho

For more information:
UiPath not recommend the usage of Unattended Robot without Orchestrator.

Please refer as below:
UiPath_Licensing_Matrix.jpeg (1 MB)

Hi, yes .You can work with robot with out orchestrator
But advanced scheduling of the bot is not possible without orchestrator
Orcheatrator also helps in managing the logs , package versioning , creating jobs , transaction details with queues etc

You can go for compact version of orchestrator license where the pricing is bit cheaper compared to full version and this compact version have much needed options for you

Attended bot is cheaper compared to unattended bot is because attended bot works with only manual input
And scope / industries where use of attended bot is very less compared to unattended bot