How to run a UiPath robot on daily used machine?

Hi all,

1)UiPath robot is placed on terminals used by end users in daily work, and they are operated in STD environment.
2)I intend to use the FileChangeTrigger event so that robot processing can be performed at the timing when a specific file is placed on the network drive.
*Dialogue with the UI is essential, so I thinke that I’ll occupy the machine without accepting user’s operation during robot execution.

1)Suppose the user starts the operation while the robot is running. In that case, can UiPath detect it automatically, temporarily stop the processing of the robot, and automatically restart the robot after the user’s work is finished?

2)Assume that the robot is in operation when the user uses the machine. In that case, can I stop the robot manually and stop the process from the middle after the process is over? Can I pause or start from the middle of the flow?

Please advise on how to make UiPath run reliably on end user’s daily operation machine.

Thanks in advance.

It depends on what the process is being done, but ideally, you want to avoid starting a process in the middle (in my opinion). The reason for this is because what if the end user closes or changes something? I suppose you could put in checks that will restart portions of the process if something is wrong or make everything hidden.

I think in order to be able to perform other processes while pausing or continuing the current one you would want to possibly look into the “Parallel” activity that will allow you to use multiple triggers at the same time then create a variable that tells the other process when to pause (maybe with Do While). So, basically, the entire operation is run from one workflow that waits on triggers.

Another potential solution would be to use checks at the start of the workflow that can tell it where it had left off and begin there, or save info in a log that will tell the workflow where to begin if it had been paused.

Those are my thoughts, but I’m no expert.


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Thank you for your reply!
I understood that it doesn’t exist as a function of UiPath…
I’ll try to do it using parallel activity.
Thank you so much for teaching carefully.