Pause workflow execution and resume workflow execution

I am automating a use case, which has 9 steps. At step 6, manual approval is needed which may arrive through email in 2 to 4 days. Does UIPath provides activities to pause workflow execution (so that workflow stops execution so as not to block robot for itself ), and activity to resume workflow execution (based on trigger email arrival).

In that case, why not create a second process for steps 6-9 which triggers upon the email arrival and schedule it on the same machine?

So vvaidya, do you mean UiPath does not provides activities out of the box to pause and resume workflow execution, and we need to manage it through custom code/process.

I’m not sure i understand the difference in what you want and what vvaidya is suggesting.
How would you like your pause function would work?

A workflow is meant to run until it’s done, and free up the robot to run the next workflow.

To me the assignment sounds like 2 robots. 1 for the first part and 1 for the second.
Make the first robot add a queueitem to a second queue, and make robot 2 run on the second queue.

May be. you can try the StateMachine and State Activity. It has trigger in the Transaction Activity.

Thank you

Hi Balupad,

While waiting for a trigger for state change, will State Machine pause its execution and free robot. If not, it cannot be used in my use case, as approval email may arrive in 2-4 days.

Hi @shuchipaharia ,
In that case. you have to Schedule the separate robot that to verify the email and proceed the further steps.

Thank you