How to run a BOT from one folder to another (multiple) folder with deployment in one folder - in modern folder


Say I have below architecture for modern folder in orchestrator

in the above folder structure, I have published the code into ‘HR’ folder. It will run only in that folder. However, if I want to run the BOT in ‘Supply Chain’ and ‘Banking’ without creating process there, how to do that?

I think you will not be ale to share until you upload in that folder or upload it to the tenant and inherit for those group specifically.

Actually, we have the hierarchical folder structure to avoid the cross folder interaction of packages and jobs. But if you need to do it, better publish to tenant and create a group of users that can access that. you can manage the group users eeasily

how to upload/ publish package in tenant level?

Any suggestions please?

Go to Tenant tab → there in the ribbon you will see Packages Tab, there you can upload the package at tenant level.

then in manage access tab, you an alter a role or create one that can inherit the permission from tenant to folder

then that role you can assign to whoever wants to access that package, across folders

below link shows the details to manage Users and Roles. by default Administrators will have the access to packages, so whoever will be with the administrator role will access the package/process created at tenant level

Users & Roles (

Hope this helps!

I need to access a process from one folder to another.
i.e., I have created a process in HR folder and I need to run the BOT in another folder.

Will that be possible without creating process again in remaining folders?

process was created with the help of package in that folder? then it will stay only in that folder

again stating this, folder structure is there to restrict one folder’s entity to be accessed by other folder

may be someone else can comment too, and correct me if I am wrong, looping few I think might be able to suggest something

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Yes, @rahulsharma is correct. The process will stay in that folder. Do note that a corresponding machine is created in a folder accordingly. Hence, you are allocating the robot license there.

The folders are also providing you a different level of segregation to allow the process to stay based on the specific folder only.

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