How to roll back to a older verstion of package?

Hi All ,
i have made some changes and published a latest version of the package in side orchestrator. those changes did not work properly i want ot roll back to a older version how to do ?


You are in Packages tab. Instead go to Processes β†’ Click View Process icon β†’ select the version and Click use.

i tried what ever u said . it worked for me to roll back to one version. once it got downgraded i deleted the latest version . now i want to repeat the same to down grade one more version. but its not happening for some reason . ie from 15295 β†’ 27195

What’s the error? and is there any specific reason to delete the package?

Ideally we should be able to switch to any of the previous lower versions.


initially there were actually two versions ahead of the one i wanted . i downgraded once so that latest version by then became inactive. then i deleted it. now just i have one version ahead of the version i want. am trying to downgrade / rollback but it is simply not happening. active version remains β€œ15295” always , never mind how many times you click ROLLBACK button .
nevertheless it asks the question "do you want to rollback to the previous version ? " attached is the below screen shot .

That would work for sure
kindly click on this USE button (up arrow)

Or were we facing any issue in that
Cheers @karges

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@Palaniyappan - How we perform this activity on UiPathOrchestrator 2021.10.2 version ?

Previously I am able to perform this activity on 2019.10.6 version. But in this 2021.10.2 version, I am not able to find this rollback functionality.

We can just make them active, any version you want


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Thanks @Palaniyappan