How to rollback (undo update) to previous activity package version?



I updated some of the core activities in UiPath Studio, but the updates made the activities much worse and harder to use. I want to move back to the previous version. How can I find which version it was and how do I use that version again? The new outputs of the activities are very very bad… :expressionless:


Before doing any update, In order to save the previous versions of packages , you have to enable the option “Include pre-release”. Once it is done, you click on the package and select the desired version.

Let me know if you still need more information.

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I already updated so it’s a bit late to do that…


@Testing360 ,
I think you can get it in manage packages window. click on the package and select pre-version in dropdown list and click on update.

Let me know if you face any issue. :slight_smile:



I tried that but it did not show any previous versions unfortunately :frowning: